Up until the age of sixteen I thought I was invincible. I had an extremely stable family, lived in a beautiful village, went to the best school and made a wonderful group of friends. The television was my only window to see the terrible events going off in the world and for a time you think they are fake and you think you’re immune.

My sixteenth birthday arrived. My mum got diagnosed with secondary cancer. My whole life changed.

Not only did cancer destroy my Mum’s life, it nearly destroyed mine too. There was one huge issue that affected us both and that was food. Food is a massive part in everyday life. Food is fuel. A car won’t run without petrol and humans can’t run without food. To block out my crumbling life, I focused on not eating. I turned into this compulsive liar who lied about everything to do with food. I couldn’t control what was happening to my Mum, but the one thing I could control was my eating. Every mealtime, a plate of food would just get pushed aside. As Mum could barely eat because of the chemotherapy, meal times for both of us were a struggle and a fear. The more weight she lost, the more I lost too.

Soon after this I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. I was destroying myself. Despite my decline in health I noticed whenever I left a bowl of almonds by my Mum’s bedside, after a day or so the bowl would be empty and I found myself re-filling the bowl almost everyday. Mum requested the bowl to be filled with broken gingernut biscuits as ginger helps with nausea from her chemotherapy. After I while she asked me to replace the biscuits with almonds, although she was still very poorly, I could see more life in her eyes and more strength to do things. Three meals were no longer needed as she ate whenever she wanted, little n often.

Unfortunately, when my Mum passed away, I had to be hospitalised. When I was finally discharged my dietitian stressed to keep on eating little n often. I would eat Bran Flakes by the box because eating little bite size pieces felt manageable at the time. Nibbling on things now and again meant I was getting a lot more of my calorie intake than being faced with a massive meal that seemed scary and overwhelming. This method eventually built a good relationship with food again and helped me to completely recover.

This is where Nibble N Often was born. Tasty, non-clinical snacks that are easy to eat, easy to manage and easy to enjoy. Nibble NOften ensures building strength in a non-pressured way where you are in control. Each box is personalised to suit all your individualneeds and tastebuds. Eating doesn’t have to be a chore and eating no longer has to be feared. Nibble n often, little n often to be more happy n often.

…Nibble n often, little n often to be more happy n often

Nibble N Often